The Running Head First Mental Health Interventions

Are you suffering with your mental health, or do you know somebody who is?

Our doors are open.

We have a variety of interventions, inclusive social groups and treatment pathways that can benefit you and your recovery from mental health illness.

You can be referred to us through your GP or you can contact us directly to make arrangements to attend our sessions.

We aim to provide our services for free of charge, as we work closely with government agencies to provide the public with the necessary help that they need without adding a financial burden to those who are attending our interventions.

Some of our services do have an annual membership attached to them. We keep these fees to a minimum and all membership is reinvested directly back in to the Running Head First Organisation, covering coaching, equipment and service provision costs.

Once again, it is within our ethos to keep the attendance costs of Running Head First down to a minimum always aiming to reduce the financial burden on those attending our services and interventions.