#KitsForKids Campaign

We are all aware of the catastrophic effect that Covid-19 had on both society and the economy.

This in turn has affected many funding streams available for the delivery of mental health services and to grassroots sport.

Our concern as a mental health organisation is the impact that Covid-19 has had on two big areas;

    1) Childrens mental health (16 and under)
    2) Funds available to grassroots football, as these have been diverted for other means and/or frozen.

These two areas obviously go hand in hand.

To help bridge the gap in the lack of funding and to create a long term initiative for both children’s mental health and grassroots football, we are looking for replica football shirts from professional teams to be donated to the organisation.

The reason we’re looking for football shirts, is they sell for a profit on the internet, which our organisation intends to do.

With the monies raised we will be aiming to;

    • Provide financial support for grass roots football in the local area (Wirral).
    • Ensure that local grassroots clubs have the ability to remain financially viable.
    • Provide interventions for children whose mental health has been impacted by Covid-19, to ensure they’re able to socialise through football.
    • In the longer term, assist with indoor and all-weather training provisions for teams in the local area.
    • Use football as a way of reducing the physical and mental effects of social deprivation on the Wirral.

We sincerely appreciate your support in this initiative.

If you’re keen to be involved then please fill in the contact form by clicking here.